Advanced Bone Grafting Course

Advanced Bone Grafting Course.

Mentorship Programme:

Our Mentorship for this course is very unique, so much so, that there is no other programme like it in Canada.

After completion of the Hands-On Advanced Bone Grafting Course, you are eligible to participate in the Free Mentorship Programme.

When you have a patient who needs bone augmentation prior to placing implants, you will contact me for our first session. At this time, I will expect to be presented with a tentative treatment plan and a panorex film and mounted models and clinical photos.

We will discuss the suitability of the patient for the proposed procedure using the information discussed in the course. Assuming the patient is suitable, we will then continue the work up by making a diagnostic stent with radio opaque markers placed in a clear acrylic stent in the ideal position for implant placement. The patient will place this diagnostic stent in the mouth at the time of having the CBCT taken. This will give an accurate position of the area to be augmented relative to the proposed implant sites. This stent will altered to be used as a surgical guide at the time of surgery.

As we have now established that augmentation is to be the choice of treatment, we will decide at this time what materials are most suitable to use in the augmentation procedure. In the course I spend a lot of time discussing the availability of all the bone materials and membranes available on the market. We now have to  decide what to order and how much to order.

We will then set a date for surgery. The day before surgery, I will review with you the pre-op protocol for the patient that you received during the course in the printed hand-out manual.

At the day of surgery, just prior to the procedure, I will review the surgical protocol step-by-step on the models using the information from the CT to guide us regarding the anatomy of the area to be treated. We will discuss flap design and suture materials to be used.

Before the surgery, I will explain to your assistant the protocol of using the Sterile Drape Kit in preparing the patient for surgery.

The surgery is performed by you and your assistant. I will be standing beside you guiding you through the procedure. For the majority of Advanced Bone Grafting Procedures we will be using the Piezoelectric Unit, which you will be familiar with from the hands-on session of the course. If we are placing implants at the same time, then we will be using the surgical stent that we have pre fabricated.

Immediately post surgery, we will review the post-op protocol , instructions and medications together with the patient.

We will then have a post-op discussion during which time we will review the technique used.

The Mentorship will then be continued in 6 -9 months time, depending on the length of time we decided to wait for the maturation of the grafting material. Depending if implants were placed at the initial surgery or not, the Mentorship will be continued.